About Us


  • Founded in 2012, Zatomojo started as a online fashion accessories website
  • Currently its business is not only limited to recharge but has expanded as online payment platform including mobile recharges, utility bill payment, wallet payment and wallet to wallet for many leading internet based companies.
  • It was founded under the implemented idea of Team Kenoxis and has got the mover advantage in the mobile industry.
  • The name Zatomojo is supposedly an acronym for Attraction with fashion.

What\'s \'Virtual\' about this wallet?

  • The basic concept is so simple - a virtual wallet just serves as a place to hold some of your money online. You make payments using the money stored in your wallet instead of using a credit card, debit card or net banking, which means your bank account doesn\\\'t need to be accessed. Of course, adding money to the wallet still requires you to use one of those methods.

Why would you want to do this?

  • The biggest reason is probably ease of use - something that is particularly true for mobile users. Unless the site you want to make a payment on lets you save your credit or debit card details, you\\\'re going to have to spend a fair bit of time typing them in every time you need to make a payment.

How Zatomojo makes money through mobile recharge?

  • The primary revenue source is commissions from Telcos which ranges from 2%(for large & Established operators) to as high as 5% (for new & small operators). This again depends on whether you are directly connected to the Telco\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s recharge platform or are using an Aggregator (like Oxigen, Euronet, Cyberplat). The margins would be lower in case of the latter.
  • Since the large operators contribute to the bulk of the txn volume, the average commission earned per txn would typically be in the 2.5-3% range.
  • The average payment gateway charges are typically in the 1.8-2% range (will be lower now after the recent 1% cap on debit card MDR by RBI).
  • The net revenue per txn would therefore be around 0.5-1%. And that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s the revenue (not profit) a recharge site makes.

Reasons for exponential growth:

- Huge untapped market- Convenience- Lure of free coupons- Google ads

New features

  • Zatomojo Wallet
  • Zero commission based mobile marketplace
  • Online Bargain
  • Slide and share

How it works offline:

  • All you’ve to do is to fill in the“Pay-in-Slip” (available at all branches) with your mobile phone number that is registered with Zatomojo reference number, then submit the deposit slip at the cash counter, and money will be credited into your Zatomojo Wallet. Important – always mention clearly Zatomojo and your registered mobile number on the slip! 

How it works online:

  • The process is simply done through a normal NEFT/RTGS transaction. Access your net banking account, select ‘Bank transfer’ and use your Zatomojo Wallet as payee. For this, you need to submit a virtual account number (Zatomojo+ User Mobile Number) and IFSC code with amount and your Zatomojo wallet account would be credited instantly

A zero commission marketplace

  • Zatomojo launched the mobile based markeplace in Jan 2019 and it come up with the Seller App with a zero commission model.
  • What this means is that sellers on the platform don’t need to give a commission to Zatomojo on sales. Merchants keep all of what they sell.
  • Other marketplaces work on a commission based model.

Online Bargain

  • Zatomojo launched Shopping app with a revolutionary concept to bargain for a deal before you buy.
  • With an eye to change the game in mobile commerce in India, the app features shopping in various categories including Men, Women, Kids fashion and Home furnishing along with Mobile & DTH recharge options, which were already available on Zatomojo.

Slide and Share

  • A faster way to pay with Slide To Pay & Request Money: Transferring money is one slide away! Say hello to slide to pay– transfer money to your friends wallet by simply sliding right. Upon sliding right, the payment will be initiated, all of your money transfers are ready to go at your fingertips.
  • Saved cards: New on your Zatomojo Wallet App for Android. The new feature simply lets you view your credit or debit card simply whenever you make a purchase or payment which saves the payment details to your account for future use.
  • You’ll also notice, that every transaction becomes now a conversation, where you can directly chat with your friends! You can send reminder messages to anyone and easily type replies to your friends whenever you would like to transfer money or receive money.